Urban Coyotes are an Early Problem

  • Coyotes are becoming a problem earlier this year than years past for urban citizens.

    In Broken Arrow, for instance, we are removing coyotes from a residential area due to the fact, that the coyotes have already taken several pets (including one from the hands of a pet owner) and they are challenging people in broad daylight.

    On the outskirts of the Tulsa area, in the sub-urban areas, the coyotes have already started predating on livestock.

    People need to be careful when walking their pets, and taking nature hikes in the mornings and evenings. The residents need to walk with a partner for safety as well.

    If you have a problem with coyotes, or any other wildlife including honey bees, contact us today so that we can get the problem resolved in the most professional manner available.

    A pair of coyotes (male & female) removed from the Broken Arrow, Oklahoma residential area for attacking, killing and consuming pets. These have been getting out of control in the area, and the coyotes have actually challenged the residents in broad daylight.

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