Urban Coyotes Are Overpopulating

  • Urban coyotes are overpopulating, and because of this at the time of this article, we are still “at it” in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Removing coyotes from an urban residential area that have been killing and consuming pets. These coyotes have also been sighted in the middle of the day walking up and down the streets, and following the residents through the neighborhood while they take their own afternoon strolls … either with or without pets. Yes, the urban coyotes are a problem, and they are stalking residents and pets alike.

    To date, while resolving this problem, we have removed 14 coyotes from the residential area in Broken Arrow in less than a months time. It was requested by the Home Owners Association that retained our wildlife removal and control services, that we add a few more of their properties to our list of control efforts. So yesterday (November 5, 2010), we got stated on the new property as well as continuing on the original property. The result? A male and female pair of coyotes removed in the first night. So what does this mean for the environment? We’ll answer that below.

    Coyotes have no more predatory species keeping their numbers down, so they are allowed to do what canines do … overpopulate uncontrollably. It is almost never heard of, nor reported, that coyotes are removed from an “non-scouted / unprepared” property in the first night on a new location … and when it is done, it is due to nothing more than overpopulation. Due to overpopulation of coyotes, the native wildlife species, pets and people are at risk of attack. By themselves, coyotes are responsible for more than 70% of the annual deer losses each spring when the fawns are out. Of these fawns, more than 60% are young buck fawns. It is believe there are more buck fawns removed from the annual spring population renewal, because they have a stronger scent than the doe fawns do.

    Overpopulation began during the land rush of Oklahoma. At the time, wolves were Oklahoma’s “apex” predator, and they kept coyote population in check. Coyotes kept a low profile from the people at the time, because to show themselves, would mean having to make their presence known to the wolves that would predate on them. As wolves naturally hunt in packs, and coyotes naturally hunt in pairs … a visible coyote or two, didn’t stand a chance against a pack of wolves. As humans saw the wolves and witnessed the damages left in their wake as they passed through livestock herds, the early settlers exterminated all of the wolves. With the wolves gone from the Oklahoma territory, the coyotes were allowed to populate “unchecked”.

    Coyotes are now so overpopulated in the State of Oklahoma that the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation has listed them as a “designated nuisance – predatory species”. This removes the coyotes from the fur bearer regulations and allows them to be controlled without limitations on how many can be removed, or what particular time of the year they can be removed. As they coyotes continue their overpopulation spree … we are seeing more inbreeding of the coyotes, color variances, and are receiving more and more reports of “close encounters” or outright attacks on pets and people.

    Below are two pictures: one is of an inbred coyote. The leg did not develop correctly, and stops short of the leg joint. It has a full foot pad, but never had toes develop. This condition has also allowed it lacking in mobility, and it shows evident signs of Sarcoptic Mange. The other picture of the coyote, is that of an “off color” black coyote. Though it is healthy, the color variant is uncommon, but not unusual.

    If you see a coyote, there are most assuredly others that you do not see. If you see them regularly … they are overpopulated in your area. Keep your pets on leashes, children close, and inside fences when you start seeing coyotes. And contact us at the Oklahoma Wildlife Control® Limited Liability Company … so that we can also resolve your problem, before your problem attacks.

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